The University VPN

Here you find instructions how to connect with University Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Linux configuration

Following instruction works for Ubuntu 22.04
  • Install openconnect version 8.x (there are some problems with 9.x)
# Check openconnect version
apt policy openconnect
# Install if version matches requirements
sudo apt-get install -y openconnect
  • Create bin directory in your home dir
mkdir ~/bin
  • Add newly created dir to PATH variable
case "$SHELL" in
  "zsh") DOTFILE="~/.zshrc" ;;
  "bash") DOTFILE="~/.bashrc" ;;
  "ksh") DOTFILE="~/.kshrc" ;;
echo 'export PATH="$PATH:~/bin"' >> $DOTFILE
source $DOTFILE
  • Install required packages
sudo apt-get install python3-pip
pip3 install
  • Create script in ~/bin/vpn-uwr with following content
#!/bin/bash -xv
eval $( gp-saml-gui --gateway --clientos=Windows --allow-insecure-crypto )
echo "$COOKIE" | sudo openconnect --protocol=gp -u "$USER" --os="$OS" --passwd-on-stdin "$HOST" &
  • Set execute privileges
set +x ~/bin/vpn-uwr
  • Run our script from terminal vpn-uwr to connect with University VPN - the window with University login page should appear - after successful login, connection will be established.
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