How to migrate emails

To migrate emails from Institute mailbox to University email

Mozilla Thunderbird

  • create new folder where you want to put your old emails

  • On the left sidebar choose your Inbox folder
  • In main window select all emails, which you want to migrate (ctrl+a keyboard shortcut to select all emails)
  • Right mouse click on them - choose Copy To, select account and destination folder, where emails will be copied

Microsoft Outlook

* create new folder where you want to put your old emails

Export from

* On the top panel click File * Choose Export to file option * Use pst filetype * Choose folder to export

subfolder tree will be also exported

Import to

* On the side panel choose the folder, which we create at the beginning

* On the top panel click File and on the left choose Open and export * Import from file * Choose pst file and setup path to exported file in previous steps

* Check option Import to current folder. All subfolders from @ift account will be recreated within that folder.

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